• Change is inevitable

    growing through change is a choice
  • Your trustworthy guide

    through private and professional change
  • Together we will help you

    take that next crucial step - with head and heart

Do you want to...

  • successfully master the changes and upheavals in your life?

  • discover a better solution than “pulling yourself together”?

  • stop fighting or running away from the changes in your life?

  • develop lasting peace, joy, openness and connection with others?

...then I am your coach!


The world is turning faster and faster. Our lives change at dizzying speed, often suddenly and in a direction that we weren’t expecting or can’t accept. It’s normal that this leaves us insecure and overloaded. Unfortunately, we are not taught successful constructive methods for dealing with stressful change - not in school nor in other areas of life.


Nevertheless, our society expects us to pull ourselves together: we are not allowed to show our inner meltdown. We are surrounded by people who give us well-meaning, but mostly unhelpful advice or solutions that contradict each other. And we live in a culture that frowns upon asking for help.


But asking for help is the courageous and intelligent thing to do. Help from a coach makes it possible for you to use those inevitable changes in life for your personal growth and for developing lasting well-being, instead of fighting or just trying to bear change. Life becomes easier, more peaceful and more joyful, no matter how much change is thrown at you.

Situations for Coaching

Job and Career

  • I know I want a new job, but I don’t seem to be taking any action...
  • Work doesn’t feel right anymore. I need a change…
  • My job has become redundant. I need to find a new job but don’t know where to start...
  • I have been promoted. Everything's the same as before but somehow very different. How do I deal with that? ...

Relationship and Family

  • My relationship with my partner has changed considerably. I don’t know what to do about that.
  • My partner left me … how am I supposed to continue with my life now?
  • I haven’t spoken to my parents for years. How can I change that?
  • I would like to have a long term relationship but so far have not succeeded ...

Body and Illness

  • I have been diagnosed with a disease and have pain daily. How am I supposed to be happy?
  • My partner has been diagnosed with a chronic disease. How do I deal with that?
  • I have never been happy with my body and have now even gained a lot of weight. How can I ever find peace with the way I look?

Self-esteem and Happiness

  • I used to be a confident person, but recently I have become more and more insecure and question everything I do. Is there a way out of this?
  • Why have I still not discovered what makes me happy? How can I finally have the type of life that I want?
  • At work I am confident and secure, but in relationships I feel completely unworthy. How can I change that?
  • Recently I have been asking myself whether I am leading the right kind of life? I have become more and more unhappy. How do I deal with that?


We get to know each other in an initial 30 minute free telephone call. Afterwards you and I decide whether being coached by me is the right fit for you. Most situations that call for coaching can be dealt with effectively in 3 to 6 sessions of an hour each. The sessions can also be booked in 2 or 3 hour blocks.

My hourly rate is 80 € plus tax. We determine the scope of the coaching at the very beginning so that you know what you will be paying for. For Skype coaching, payment by PayPal is required to complete your booking of an online session.

Online Coaching by Video Call

Coaching via Skype (free software for video and telephone calls) is a successful and pragmatic solution to long distances, as long as a few rules for communication are taken into account. Studies have shown that the result of online coaching is just as good as that of coaching in person. You can call into your coaching session from wherever you are located without losing precious travel time. The video call is supported by a chat for the exchange of documents and other information.

Coaching in Person

I offer coaching in person at your location in the Rhein-Main area. You will need a room that comfortably seats two and where we can converse without interruption. Additional travel costs of 30 cents per kilometer will be charged. Alternatively the sessions can take place at my address in 61200 Wölfersheim.

Personal Change Day

If you would prefer to make substantial progress in the course of one day, we can plan a personal change day where we spend 6 hours dedicated to your coaching issue. This format allows for a deeper and even more effective session in an efficient timeframe. One day (6 hours) in the Rhein-Main area cost 500 € plus tax and travel costs at 30 cents per kilometer.



About me

My name is Katrijn van Oudheusden and I am passionate about personal coaching. Based on my own experience and from the desire to help other people, I have become an expert in dealing with change.


Born in Belgium in 1976, I moved to Thailand with my family as a 2 year old girl. There we lived for 14 years among other expats, surrounded by many different cultures and even more worldviews. At the age of 16 I returned to Belgium. The culture shock was huge. After completing a law degree that never was a good fit for me, I spent the next 20 years of my life undergoing change after life change: marriage and divorce, the end of many a job and a complete change of career, the Netherlands and Germany… Meanwhile I built up a substantial self-help library with over a thousand books, went to various therapists, and learned about Buddhism, Advaita and psychology … all the while driven by my need to understand and deal with the upheavals in my own life and the desire to help other people with theirs. I was certified as a personal coach in 2006. It took me a few more years to make coaching my profession...


Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching originated in sports. It’s a term used for different types of support using structured conversation. Personal coaching is the professional and confidential support of people dealing with various types of life situations, here with the focus on stressful changes and upheaval. A coach asks questions, offers new perspectives, gives input, helps structure the issue and is a partner in finding a good solution. A coach is neutral and service-oriented. I help you discover the personal solutions that you already carry inside yourself. After coaching you are able to utilize your own resources and are well-equipped for future changes. Additionally, you learn a self-coaching approach that will serve you well in your life.

Together we discover the source of your stress and find a way through and out. Instead of simply solving the content of your problems, we find out how to end your problem thinking and how to approach future changes positively and successfully.

During coaching we look at and question your personal limiting beliefs and thoughts. You learn to recognize your patterns and change them if needed. You reflect on your personal goals and desires, discover possible internal and external resources, and develop your personal plan through the upheaval.


Coaching is tailored to you individually, but always structured. I use various tried and true methods from systemic and change theory, from mediation and mindfulness, and methods for dealing with difficult emotions and beliefs. Between sessions you will be asked to perform small exercises, such as noticing your thoughts and feelings or testing certain forms of behavior and noticing the effect on your surroundings.

We are not broken or flawed. We do not need to be saved or improved. Almost the entire self-help arena with its personal development and positive-affirmative approach can be thrown in the trash. This only leads to guilt for not managing our life or ourselves well enough, for not being “further along” than we are. All of our problems are nothing more than thoughts. They have no reality if we do not believe them. Our life is the way it is and that is neither our achievement nor our fault. Life is sometimes beautiful and sometimes sad. Sometimes we feel great and at other times we feel horrible. All that is not the problem.


A problem is only created when we believe that it is our task to manage our lives. When we want to be someone else or have something else, when we have different expectations than what reality brings us. True joy and freedom are only found when we stop fighting reality, when we truly accept what IS. The paradox is, that only then does change become possible. Only then can we truly start living, with everything that entails. It is the end of the problem of having problems. Instead of solving the content of problems (and immediately seeing the next problem pop up), we stop creating them in the first place.

A session is generally one hour long. Sometimes sessions of 2 or 3 hours are more appropriate.

We discuss what will work best for you and for your issue. Alternatively, you can book a 6 hour long personal change day.

The frequency of your sessions is something you decide with your coach. Your issue, your goals, the urgency and your personal options all play a role. There is no set standard. Some clients come weekly, some monthly. The amount of sessions is also highly variable.

Coaching is not  a psychotherapeutic, medical or naturopathic diagnosis or treatment.

Neither is coaching simple consulting, where the consultant offers knowledge to the client. Coaching does not change your personality. Coaching is much more than “listening” or “paid friendship”. And finally: coaching is neither spirituality nor esotericism.

Neutral but passionate empathic and world class support.

A confidential and professional relationship in a sheltered space.

An honest and authentic encounter, challenging and uncomfortable if necessary.

In coaching, you are not offered solutions. The willingness to deal with yourself and reflect your own thoughts and behavior is therefore an important condition for you to develop your own insights during the coaching process. I count on your full cooperation and your willingness to question your own behavior.

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